Vacationing from Violence

Mexican vacationers look to escape violence back home. Thousands flocked to South Padre Island this Easter; Mexican vacationers were included. Some said visiting the American destination allows them to escape the violence in Mexico. It TMs a big relief, even if it's only for a short time. "There's mass killings and everything in between, said Ruth Garza, a vacationer from Reynosa. It's better over here. Garza said she and her family spent nearly a week on South Padre Island without worries. She said that wouldn TMt have been possible in Mexico. "If we went to the beach in Mexico my daughters would not have fun, said Garza, because we'd be constantly on the look out in case a shooting broke out. Victor Saldaa Sanchez said he and his family took a toll road from Monterrey to get to the Rio Grande Valley. He said it was the safest way to travel, to the safest get-away spot they could visit. "There's too much insecurity on Mexican roads, and all major travel destinations are just too dangerous now, said Saldaa Sanchez. I TMve heard too much about people getting their vehicle stolen or beat up, and the risk is just not worth it." Saldaa Sanchez said the toll way was a straight shot to the Valley, and it was even guarded by Mexican soldiers. "There's a lot of security and a lot of soldiers, so we dare come here instead of traveling to the interior of Mexico," said Saldaa Sanchez. For most Mexican vacationers Holy Week is winding down, but the violence in Mexico is not. As a result, some said they anticipate many more trips to the Rio Grande Valley.