Valley residents stock up amid swine flu scare

The H-E-B on Boca Chica Blvd. in Brownsville says they TMre having trouble keeping their shelves stocked because the recent reports of swine flu have sparked concern for many across the Valley.

With more than 150 reported deaths across the border, people here are worried.

Kayla Espinoza says, "I don TMt want to get sick and I didn TMt even go to school."

Araceli Salinas is also concerned saying, I am getting prepared. I TMve bought some surgical masks, I TMve bought some antibacterial soap and I keep on telling my children to wash their hands."

Because of this growing concern, H-E-B Director Greg Woods as well as other H-E-B stores across the Valley are staying prepared.

But with the growing concern, it TMs leaving shelf after shelf at the Brownsville H-E-B empty. Everything from hand sanitizers, to air disinfectants, to bleach are practically gone, says Woods in the last couple of days, we TMre seeing that movement more than quadruple. "

But by far the biggest jump has been on flu vaccines.

Were definitely seeing an increase in the flu vaccine. Luckily we have good supply when it comes to flu vaccines and we are also working with the CDC and state and federal officials to make sure we don TMt run out."

Eventhougth this sudden illness has brought big business, Woods says on the other hand pork sales have dropped.

Woods believes it's probably due to nervousness of what exactly is causing the swine flu.

Woods tells Action 4 News the empty shelves are only temporary with shipments coming in everyday to restock them.