Bill Clinton Visits Valley

A week before elections top democrats bring in a presidential power-house to Brownsville. Over a thousand people greeted the 42nd president of the United States, Bill Clinton. "He's the biggest person to get the vote out", said Manuel Villarreal who attended the event.

"We love Bill Clinton, he was one of the best Presidents we had, one of the best", said Fernando Villarreal. Clinton made his way to Brownsville Monday afternoon to energize voters.

"You've been good to me down here, and I tried to be good for you", Clinton told the crowd.

Clinton rallied for local democrats including long standing Congressman, Solomon Ortiz.

"This man has been a good Congressman for you and for America", said Clinton.

Others disagree with Clinton and the democrat party.

"It's time for Ortiz to go he's been there for too long", said Bob Carey, a local Tea Party Member.

Carey told Action 4 News, "Ortiz has voted for every deficit measure that has ever come up to Congress, and it's time for him to go we need to get some conservatives in there."

Others in attendance at the Monday afternoon rally included a student organization from the University of Texas at Brownsville.

The group stands for promoting equality and change.

"We have to show that we are here, and we want rights just as much as anybody else here", said a group member.

Many walked away from Mondays rally energized and ready to hit the polls, and some were just delighted to meet Bill Clinton.

"I'm happy that Bill Clinton came out here because to tell you the truth I never thought I TMd ever get to see Bill Clinton", said Ernie Acosta. After shaking a few hands Clinton made his way out of South Texas and headed to Jamaica for humanitarian efforts.