Car bomb explodes next to Nuevo Laredo mayor's parking spot

Situaciones De Riesgo de Tamaulipas Facebook Page Photo

Authorities are investigating a car bomb that exploded outside Nuevo Laredo's city hall and that left four people wounded.

It all happened in downtown Nuevo Laredo around 11 a.m. Friday.

Mexico's Proceso magazine reported that four people were wounded and five cars were damaged by the explosion.

The magazine reported that the car bomb went off next to the Mayor Benjamin Galvan-Gomez's parking spot.

Galvan-Gomez was not injured in the blast but four other innocent people were hurt.

Nobody has publicly claimed responsibility for the blast but the city has been under seige and torn apart by rival drug cartels.

Both the Zetas and Sinaloa cartels are battling over the past few months for control of lucrative drug smuggling routes in the area.

Residents turned to the #LaredoFollow hashtag of Twitter and the Situaciones De Riesgo de Tamaulipas Facebook page to report what had happened.