Evacuation Issues for Illegals

This hurricane season, the big question remains, what will happen to illegal immigrants if parts of the Valley are evacuated due to a massive storm?

Border Patrol would not comment on camera, but did issue a statement that said, "The Border Patrol will continue to be a full partner with the State of Texas and its communities in any emergent or evacuation situation."

They further added, The primary role is the safeguarding of life. No enforcement role will impede the safe and orderly evacuation of any member of the south Texas population.

County leaders agree with Border Patrol and said, We TMre concerned about all citizens. It doesn TMt make a difference to us what their nationality is, where they came from, or what color they are. People are people!" But, Emergency Management Coordinator, Johnny Cavazos, understands the hesitation of those without citizenship.

He told us, "We TMre concerned that the public may believe that if they go through or try to board the buses that we TMre going to take them to some sort of a deportation point. No they're going to shelters." Cavazos also said that these measures are to ensure people's safety and not to open a gateway for illegal activity.

Regardless of an individual TMs citizenship status, Cavazos said, Hurricanes should not be taken lightly and neither should a warning to evacuate. If you stay behind, its at your own risk.