Harlingen man delivers donations to Oklahoma

Collecting donations for Moore, OK

They call him BigCat Trucker - and for good reason, his heart is as big as the truckloads he hauls across the country.

"I was so proud of the Rio Grande Valley."

After Action 4 News, the American Red Cross, KURV, The Monitor and sister newspapers held a disaster relief drive Friday for our friends in Oklahoma, the Royal Freight driver was called in by the company who had donated the trailer and was covering the costs of moving the goods to a rescue mission near Moore.

"I called them and asked if they needed help and they said they were just about to call me."

Several hours later, BigCat Trucker reached his destination and was received by very grateful Oklahoma residents.

"I was emotional, they were so happy to see this trailer and even I was surprised when I opened up the truck and it was wall to wall with donations."

Water, toiletries, non-perishable food items all safely in the hands of volunteers who are ready distribute to the victims of mother nature's wrath.

The checks and cash that were donated at our Action 4 Studios in Harlingen and Pharr right into the hands of American Red Cross volunteers helping residents of Moore.

It was the valley's labor of love this Memorial Day weekend, the united effort of several organizations, and the sacrifice of a gracious truck driver that will make a world of difference to people in need.

"I would do it again if you asked me to."