Harlingen mother searches for missing son in Matamoros

John Parks / Family Photo

Deborah Parks is on a mission to find her only child John Parks.

She said he TMs an American Citizen that vanished in the streets of Matamoros, Mexico.

But John Parks, 40, is no stranger to Mexico, Deborah Parks said.

He has lived in different parts of the country for many years, the last four in Matamoros; still he disappeared without a trace back on November 4th.

"We talked on the internet that night for a few minutes, and then he talked to his business partner later that night, Parks said.

That was the night that all the killings happened in Matamoros."

Parks said her son TMs bank account has not been touched and nobody has been found.

Parks filed a missing persons report with Matamoros police last week, and sought help from the American Consulate in Matamoros, but said she got "the run around."

She said it's even hard to get a call back from them.

"If our hands are tied and you can't talk to an official in a foreign country, or if you can TMt get an answer from them, then why are we even paying our tax dollars to have them there to begin with? Parks said.

Why do we put an American Citizen in harm TMs way? It's not only with me but there are so many Americans in foreign countries and I think all the families ever want is a little assurance that some is helping you."

Parks said it's not like her son to just disappear and they didn't have a falling out.

She doesn TMt know why or if anyone has her son hostage but she fears the worst not ever seeing him again.

But, the mother is hopeful she will someday be reunited with her son.

Parks her tragedy led her to join the group Missing Americans in Foreign Countries.

Action 4 News contacted the American Consulate in Matamoros for comment, but they did not give an immediate answer and asked for a Freedom Of Information Request.