Hurricane Paloma Makes Landfall

Hurricane Paloma made landfall early Saturday evening near Santa Cruz del Sur as a strong category 3 storm.

Paloma is expected to weaken to a category 1 hurricane as it moves into the Atlantic Ocean late Sunday morning.

Once in the colder waters of the Atlantic, Paloma is expected to weaken to a remnant low pressure system by Tuesday afternoon.

At 9:00 pm CST, Paloma was located near 20.9 degrees North latitude and 77.7 degrees West longitude.

Hurricane Paloma remains a category 3 storm with sustained wind speeds of 115 mph.

The center of the storm is about 35 miles south-southwest of Camaguey, Cuba.

Hurricane Paloma is moving toward the northeast at 7 mph.

Hurricane Paloma is the second strongest Atlantic hurricane ever noted in November behind Hurricane Lenny in 1999.

The Atlantic Hurricane season officially ends on November 30.