ICE arrests 76 suspected gang members across South Texas

ICE arrests 76 suspected gang members across South Texas (Photo: ICE)

SAN ANTONIO – Seventy-six gang members are now off South Texas streets through Homeland Security Investigations’ largest-ever gang sting.

The six-week operation netted 1,378 gang members nationwide.

The top three gang affiliations they found among the 76 arrested in our area were Tango Orejon, the Bloods and the Mexican Mafia.

At one house alone in San Antonio, four men were arrested last month including a Tango Orejon member. In that house, investigators found cocaine, meth, heroin, four handguns and $48,000 in cash.

"I hope the message is clear: regardless of the individuals, as law enforcement we're still going to go after the criminals,” says Brian Vicente with Homeland Security Investigations. “We're going to go after the gang problem. Make sure that there's no growth in our city."

He says the gang members were working in every corner of our area, from cities and suburbs to rural areas.

Vicente says out of the 76 gang members found in South Texas, only four are foreign nationals. The rest are U.S. citizens.

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