McAllen physician, wife indicted in alleged money laundering scheme

A 27-page indictment filed just two days ago in an Oregon court, details how a McAllen couple was able to funnel millions of dollars to Iran.

McAllen urologist, Dr. Hossein Lahiji and his wife Najmeh Vahid, each face two counts in the indictment " one count of conspiracy to defraud the U.S. Government and one count to commit money laundering.

Lahiji TMs office in located on 801 E. Nolana St. Ste. 20 and his registered address is just a few miles down, in the gated community of La Mansion.

According to the indictment the couple was transferring money back to Iran from 1998 to 2007.

The documents reveal the couple contributed more than $1.8 million to a children's organization operating as a tax-exempt, non-profit.

The U.S Government also charges Dr. Lahiji's cousin.

The documents name his cousin as the president and treasurer of the organized Child Foundation.

However, according to U.S authorities, the money was funneled to Iranian companies and the government.

In return, Lahiji's cousin issued the couple refund checks totaling at least $800,000 as tax-deductible contributions for the I.R.S.

If found guilty, the indictment states the couple faces losing any personal or other property that the government finds to have been used during the money laundering.

They are scheduled to appear in a San Antonio court next week.