Military couple leaves part of family behind because of strict guidelines

Military couple leaves part of family behind.

A military family needs help raising money to bring their dogs to their new home in England.

In February, the Garcia family moved overseas after Sgt. Mario Garcia received orders to deploy to an air force base in England.

His wife and three children all moved with him but they had to leave behind their two dogs, for what they hope was a short time."We've missed them since day one as soon as we stepped foot here," Sgt. Garcia said. "Every time we see any dog that resembles like our dogs it literally brings us to tears."The dogs were left under the care of Garcia TMs mother-in-law who lives in Harlingen.The Garcia's planned to take the dogs with them but it got complicated when they found out how much it would cost and the strict guidelines the United Kingdom has to transport pets overseas.Some of the requirements the Garcia's must comply with are that both dogs must have a microchip, an international health certificate, table worm treatment and vaccines.It will cost the family a little over $4,000 to get their dogs, Lilah and BB, to England."To show that they are healthy enough, that they are not bringing diseases especially since England is an island and they have absolutely no rabies here..." Michelle Garcia, SSgt. Garcia's wife, said. "They try to do everything they can to keep it that way."The Garcia's have done everything they can to get funding.They reached out to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals but what they offered wasn't enough to get the animals to England.Now, the Garcia family has set up an online account hoping someone will make a donation that will help bring the family together."Our kids have taken this move very hard especially my oldest son," SSgt. Garcia said. All he knows is Texas, so when it came down to actually moving over here to England it was a huge culture shock for him." Lila and Bebe have been in the family for years; Garcia says they were raised with the three children.They are both rescue dogs.If you would like to make a donation, you can do so on the link.

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