Mississippi school cancels prom amid same-sex couple scandal

It's the big night. Proms and high school go together like boyfriends and girlfriends, at least in Fulton, Mississippi.

But now charges of discrimination and violation of a teenager's rights have derailed a seemingly harmless event.

Constance McMillen's was ready for her prom. This eighteen year old senior even had a date.

The problem at Itawamba County Agricultural High School was, McMillen wanted to take her sophomore girlfriend.

I just want to got the prom and bring my date, just like everyone else gets to, she told CBS News.

But in Fulton, the idea of a lesbian prom couple hit a nerve.

The school board said it violated their policy against same-sex couples at the dance.

So, McMillen couldn't bring her girlfriend and she couldn't wear a tuxedo.

Lawyers on all sides got involved, so the school board cancelled the dance.

The school board released a statement saying their decision was ".. due to the distractions to the educational process caused by recent events.

McMillen says some other students are upset with her. Her hometown's divided.

Rather than allow in a same-sex couple, the big night was over even before the first dance.