Money Talks: 3 Ways Lenders Spy on You

Your credit score: the most important thing a lender looks at to determine whether you're a good risk.

But your credit score is no longer the only thing some lenders look at. For example, some banks are using new techniques, some are pretty darn sneaky to spy on you. One example? Your behavior score.

A behavior score looks at the money going into and out of your account. Some banks use it as leading indicator of potential trouble ahead.

For example, if your direct deposits stop, that could be a red flag to your banker. On the other hand, if you're depositing more than you're withdrawing, that could be a sign they need to target you for credit.

There's nothing in your credit report about your home value, but that doesn't mean potential lenders can't find it out. Sites like Zillow make it easy - and your mortgage is public record. If you're underwater, that's a red flag.

And what about your income? It's not in your credit history, but that doesn't mean credit bureaus can't try to figure it out. They use things like your mortgage and credit lines, plug it into a computer model and come up with an estimate.

Then they use that information to double-check the income you're reporting when you apply for credit. Bottom line? You can and should check your credit history and score.

But you'll never see all the ways lenders make judgments about you. Want three tips to improve your score fast? They're waiting for you right here at