Money Talks: Saving on Halloween

After a frightening drop in Halloween purchases last year, according to the National Retail Federation, this year Americans will spend $66/each for candy, decorations....and of course, costumes.

But if you're scared to spend an arm and a leg, that's ok because this is one holiday where using you head, can be better than using your wallet.

Step one? Let's ask an expert what the most popular costumes are this year.

Kim Wick, from Costume world, says,"Probably Avatar, and Alice in Wonderland is really popular as well as Lady Gaga." :06

Now, start thinking of how you can make those costumes from stuff you can find at home or in thrift stores or at garage sales. It's not hard to improvise.

Another idea? Used costumes cheap on Craig's list or eBay, or maybe a free one at Freecycle.

Need green skin, bloody scabs and hairy warts? Try cornstarch.. syrup, shortening, food color, and gelatin. A fraction of the cost of an expensive makeup kit, and you can find instructions online.

Styrofoam, cardboard.. plastic milk bottles, solid-color sweat suits and your imagination will bring all of it together| A few cotton balls for 3 cents make a spider web that could cost 3 bucks at the store.

Bottom line? Just because you don't have a big budget, doesn't mean you space out halloween. We've got plenty of good ideas that are going to help you save serious bucks, while having a time that's out of this world. They're all right here at