Money Talks: Spring Break Savings 2011

The idea of Spring break is to get away from the strain of school|without putting a strain on that student budget.

Matt Colacino, Student, says, "We got a pretty good deal. We're looking about eight hundred for three of us. I don't have a huge budget."

But even the broke can catch a break. At least if you're on the ball enough to make a few sacrifices and use your imagination.

For example, when it comes to travel|.substitute flying for car-pooling. The journey can be part of the adventure.

And when you reach your destination, head for the nearest happy hour. Not for the booze|for the food. Ask the locals where the best happy hour buffets are to be found.

And make your meals. Rent a room that includes a kitchen. And lest you think that's outside your price range, listen to this|

"Twenty-two dollars a day, 2 days cost you $44, three days 66|"

That's right: $22 a day. Only this beach front hotel with kitchen isn't a hotel. It's a youth hostel. Your 20 bucks buys you a bunk in a dorm like setting. But for Spring beakers, this particular hostel may seem|well|hostel. Because there's no drinking, no partying| and definitely no fraternizing.

"No, that's no good. That's gone. That's out of the question right there. Forget it."

Like I said|there may be sacrifices involved.

And by the way, most of these tips apply to anyone who travels|you don't have to be a Spring chicken.

Even the hostels I called said they welcome travelers of all ages|.if you can stand the noise, they'll take you. Want more ideas to save on Spring break?

I've got em for you waiting for you right here at Money Talks News dot com.