More Mexican visitors, more traffic at valley bridges

Thousands of people from Mexico will spend their Easter weekend north of the border in the Valley, causing long delays at the international bridges, according to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

"We manned all our ports with all the maximum amount of lanes available, CBP Spokesperson Phil Barrera said. Here in Anzalduas, obviously we only have four, but they've been fully staffed all week, same with Hidalgo and Pharr."

Barrera said the heaviest traffic has gone down significantly, and that Thursday was by far the busiest day for them, with up to two-hour wait times at the bridges.

"We've actually seen a slight increase in travelers this year from last year, maybe anywhere from 5 to 8 percent," he added.

While more visitors is good news for Valley business, Barrera urged drivers on the American side to beware of the heavier traffic, many people drive to Mexico over the holiday weekend.

He also had tips for those bringing Easter souvenirs across the border, especially the cascarones, or egg shells.

"People can bring in ten per person as long as they're clean uncovered and they don't have anything inside, Barrera said. Now some people want to fill them with confetti but they're not permitted even with the confetti."

Above all, he urged caution and asks all travelers to be prepared when making the trip through any of the bridges.

To check the wait times at the Valley's international bridges click here.