Senator Cruz says he will not support a path to citizenship for those who came here illegally

Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Texas Senator Ted Cruz made his way to the Rio Grande Valley for the first time since he was elected to office eight months ago.

Cruz stood before South Texas political and economic leaders Tuesday to discuss the hottest political topics of the day.

His number one priority, he says, is to restore economic growth.

To do that, he says we must cut spending, pass tax reform, and cut down on regulation such as Obamacare.

Cruz says the country needs healthcare reform but says Obamacare will only hurt the economy.

"More and more people are having their hours forcibly reduced, health insurance premiums are going up and more employers are dropping their health insurance, Cruz said.

After riding along with Border Patrol agents, Cruz addressed the topic of illegal immigration reform with the media, stating nothing will pass unless it's bi-partisan.

"I think people agree we got to get serious about securing our borders and solving the problem of illegal immigration and I think people agree we need to improve and streamline legal immigration and celebrate legal immigrants, Cruz said.

But Senator Cruz says he will not support a path to citizenship for those who came here illegally.

"I think it TMs profoundly unfair to legal immigrants who followed the rules and waited in line, Cruz said.

When it comes to Syria, Cruz says he has not been persuaded to use force in the conflict.

"In my view there is only one justifiable reason to for the use of military force and that is to protect the national security interest of the United States, Cruz.

Unfortunately, Cruz had to cut his time in the valley short and is returning to Washington Tuesday night for a classified briefing Wednesday morning regarding a potential military strike in Syria.