Should Border Patrol agents wear cameras on the job?

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is asking Customs and Border Protection agents for three things: accountability, transparency and oversight.

Over the past four years around 19 people have been killed by CBP agents across the U.S. In some cases one never knows what really happened and that TMs why the ACLU is asking for solutions.

"We know there is a lack of oversight, accountability and training at the same time and that should be taken care of", ACLU Advocacy Coordinator Astrid Dominguez said. Recently in the Rio Grande Valley, a Border Patrol agent allegedly assaulted Honduran immigrants illegally present in the U.S. and then killed himself.

"When this type of incident happened, like everybody just keeps on asking questions," Dominguez said. "In this case you know the agent is not here anymore, but what about the solutions to avoid or to prevent this type of incidents in the future."

The ACLU recommends that CBP officers and Border Patrol agents need to wear body cameras on them.

Those cameras can go wherever officers go and capture incidents that take place away from the vehicle.

However, Dominguez said that there should be policies that will respect the agent TMs privacy.

"It TMs a way of following or tracking what really went on," Dominguez said. "Sometimes things happen so fast and you can't remember everything."

Many police departments across the U.S. already use body and dashboard cameras.

Reports shows that since they installed these cameras there has been a decrease in complaints filed against officers and incidents where officers used force.

San Juan Police Department is one the most recent cities to adopt this method.

"Sometimes the agents are falsely accused so that gives them basically protection like for the officer and also for the person who is encountering the officer," Dominguez said. "So it TMs a win, win for both."

Action 4 News contacted CBP to see if they would be in favor of wearing cameras, and we are waiting to hear back at this time.