United States Senator John Cornyn on border security

Lawmakers are heading back to Capitol Hill in Washington to start a new session.

This is one of the main issues at the forefront, border security. "This is a real national challenge, not just a local problem", said United States Senator John Cornyn.

Senator Cornyn who is from Texas says he knows the severity of the situation.

"This is what is number on people's minds so we need to reassure them", said Cornyn.

"What people need to understand who vote on these issues in Washington D.C. is , it's not just a security issue, it's also a matter of trade and commerce", the Senator goes on to say.

Cornyn told Action 4 News of course we need to secure the border and stop spill over violence, but at the same time need to keep in mind that Mexico is a major partner with the U.S. Cornyn says, "We don't want to see a mass exodus of people out of Mexico, the people most likely to create jobs and create opportunity there so it can remain a vibrant and economically viable country because it's our trading partner and we need Mexico to succeed."

While it's about finding the right balance between security and commerce Cornyn adds, when you add in the cartels it makes the situation much tougher.