Valley woman celebrates Gaddafi TMs death

Fatima Arevi said the nightmare is finally over.

After 42 years the people of Libya finally have a voice"the freedom to make their own decisions.

I TMm seeing the Libyan future will be a lot better, Arevi said. A future that did not look so bright just a few months ago.

Arevi recalled a phone conversation she had with her brother, who lives in Libya, and his fear of Gaddafi after he joined in the fight to stop the dictators reign. Since then that was it, Arevi said. They went to the house and demolished everything in sight. For 5 months, Arevi said, her brother was on the run. She said his life was put on hold.

They have their names|they say these people are wanted, Arevi said. ~Wanted TM all because he dreamt of a better life for his family. It TMs unbelievable what they went through, Arevi sighed. Not just my family, but everybody in Libya. Arevi said she now see TMs that fear, instilled in the Libyan people for years, lift as Libyans start to live life the way they choose to live it.

They are happy, they are smiling, and everyone is helping the other, Arevi said. They are relaxed|.the fear isn TMt there anymore. Arevi said she cannot wait to go back to Libya and witness first hand all of the changes being made.