Woman witnesses tsunami in Hawaii

A beautiful day in Honolulu ended with frightening news Thursday that a tsunami was headed toward Hawaii.

"I grew up in Arkansas so it was very reminiscent of tornado sirens going off. It was very loud and they were going off every hour."

Meg Powers spoke to Action 4 News over the phone Friday from her apartment in Honolulu.

She and her husband live in Hawaii where he is stationed with the Navy and in the 3 years they've been there, there have been two tsunami warnings.

This one came at 10 o'clock at night after massive destruction in Japan.

"It is a little terrifying to think about what could happen because we're on an island in the middle of the pacific. You're mind can wonder, especially after seeing the video footage of what happened in Japan. We could only pray for the best and prepare for the worst," said Powers.

Meg lives on the 30th floor of her high rise so it was safe for her to stay put.

She says after last year's warning and the threat of a major catastrophe this time, she and other islanders took no chances.

"They were advising us to fill up our tubs with water. I know the lines at the gas stations were very long, even around midnight."

Luckily, by the time the sun came up in Honolulu, the threat had diminished, and according to Meg, it was business as usual.

A look from her balcony showed boats had been moved from the harbor for safety, but there was no significant damage to the area.

"We were very lucky last night and we TMre praying for the people in Japan that the recovery goes well there."