Apparition of the Virgin Mary in Harlingen skies?

Cavazos Family Photo

A tree reportedly marked with the image of the Virgin Mary was knocked down a by a storm on Tuesday.

But a Raymondville woman is now coming forward claiming she has seen an apparition of the Virgin Mary over the skies in Harlingen.

Juanita Cavazos said she and her family were eating lunch at the Golden Corral off West Tyler Avenue back on Sunday, March 14th.

The family was headed to their in car then they saw some clouds making a cross-like formation.

To the left of the cross was a vapor cloud resembling the Virgin Mary and to the right was another cloud, possibly shaped like a dove.

Cavazos told Action 4 News that she is a faithful Catholic who has believed in the Virgin Mary for a long time.

She said her faith in the Virgin Mary has helped her battle depression and help her husband recover from a stroke.

Cavazos said her family attends Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Raymondville.

She said her familiy hasn't been to church in a while but plans to head back.

Cavazos said she came forward because she wanted to share her experience and faith.

According to VALLEYCENTRAL.COM archives, the last reported apparition of the Virgin Mary in Harlingen was in May 2009.

A worker a Comet Cleaners of East Harrison Avenue claimed to have discovered the image of the Virgin Mary on an ironing board there.