Beaver dam could cause flooding in parts of Edcouch

Edcouch Public Works employees gather near a local drainage canal to discuss an ongoing problem--a beaver they call 'Rocky.'

"He's been around here in this ditch for three to four months," Director for Edcouch Public Works David Alaniz said.

In that time Alaniz said he and his men have tried to catch the elusive beaver. He said they went as far as cleaning out the debris 'Rocky' left behind.

But, he said, the next day 'Rocky' had already rebuilt his home.

"The men have to keep coming back in and cleaning it up---Rocky the Beaver is outsmarting us," Alaniz said.

Now, Alaniz is trying a new tactic. He and his men have set up a cage and put a can of beans inside as bait.

Alaniz said they want to find 'Rocky' a new home because his home in the drainage canal poses too much of a threat to residents if it rains.

"We have a big subdivision here in the back and a school," Alaniz said. "If we get rain that will flood because of the clog."

Alaniz said anyone with suggestions on how to catch the beaver can call (956) 262-2140.