Black Friday campers settle in at Brownsville Best Buy

The two set up tents to be first in line for the Black Friday sales.

Some might call them crazy, but number one and two camped outside the Best Buy in Brownsville call it a holiday tradition.

Russell Burrows de la Garza said he drove for four hours from Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas to get to the store arriving early Tuesday morning.

Burrows used a bright yellow sign posted above his tent to declare himself "Mayor of Best Buy Tent City."

He told Action 4 News on Tuesday afternoon that he'll be there until Friday as he has done the last three years.

Burrows' second-in-command or second in line is 19-year-old Brownsville resident John Mitchell.

"Every year it gets more competitive," Mitchell said. "Last year, we showed up on Wednesday but we saw Russell here early so I said we need to show up now and we packed everything in the car and headed over."

What would have two sane men camping out in front of a store for days?

Burrows said his wife wants a good quality laptop.

Mitchell wants the same but they both said it's much more than saving a couple hundred dollars, it's a tradition.

"I've been planning to do this for a long time," Mitchell said. "It's not the deal. It TMs more about the experience and fun of it."

Burrows said he doesn TMt mind spending Thanksgiving in his small tent with a few blankets and spare jackets.

Thanksgiving is here," he said." It TMs about being with friends.

And as for missing the Thanksgiving turkey Burrows said,

"It's just food," he said."Red Lobster is right there. I can call them and say I want lobster delivered here. No sweat."

Mitchell said he promised his mom he would have dinner with the family, so he TMs having someone hold down the fort for one hour while he goes home for Thanksgiving dinner.

The two men said they welcome company.

"Last year, here at Best Buy, I was first in line," Mitchell said. "Russell was first at Circuit City. We know how to do this."