Border Patrol agents find 6-foot boa constrictor near La Paloma

Border Patrol Photo

Border Patrol agents made an unusual and exotic discovery in the rural Cameron County community of La Paloma.

It all happened off Cemetery Road on Monday morning.

Border Patrol agents came across a 6-foot long red-tailed boa constrictor near a levee.

The agents removed the animal because boa constrictors are not native to the Rio Grande Valley and could pose a danger to area residents.

The 6-foot-long snake was turned over to U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service officials.

They believe the boa constrictor was released into the wild by someone who could no longer care for it.

It's not clear how long the former pet had been out in the wild.

Acting Chief Patrol Agent Woody Lee told Action 4 News that catching snakes is not a regular part of a Border Patrol agent's duties but made an exception in this incident.

As Border Patrol agents we have a mission to protect this nation from all threats, Lee said in a statement. While capturing snakes isn TMt one of our typical duties, this Boa constrictor posed a threat to the safety of the people we protect. Thanks to the quick-thinking agent and the assistance of the park ranger, this snake was unable to cause harm to anyone.