Bread crate bandits caught on tape in La Feria

Plastic bread crates are not exactly a hot commodity on the black market but the Stars Drive-In in La Feria is missing a bunch of them.

Workers there say they've caught the thieves red-handed.

Stars Drive-In employee Joseph Herrera said it was a typical start to his shift of cleaning out the ice cream machine.

Herrera was shocked after discovering property missing from behind the restaurant on Tuesday morning.

"We saw a van," Herrera said. "It didn't look suspicious. Looked like a customer, rolled back here."

The van was only there for a short time before it left the parking lot.

"An hour later that's when the bread man came and that's when he was like 'where's my crates?," Herrera recalled. "We have cameras and everything and caught them red-handed. Kind of embarrassing and funny at the same time too."

The van pulled up, two men jumped out and loaded up the goods.

In just seconds, they made off with the plastic bread crates.

There were about 50 of them worth $10 a piece.

That added up to $500 in stolen property. ut who would want it?

"We think they're going to the restaurants and selling them," said Herrera.

La Feria Police Chief Don Garcia said the two Hispanic men caught in the act were in their early to mid twenties and now wanted on theft charges.

Herrera calls the rip-off ridiculous but still showed mercy.

"Hope for the best for them. God be with them," said Herrera.

Police warn restaurants to beware of the two men who may try to sell the stolen bread crates.

If you have any information on this case, call La Feria police at (956)797-3121. All calls are anonymous.