California shop sells 'marijuana ice cream' for medicinal purposes

It's medical marijuana for people with a sweet tooth.

A new shop in Santa Cruz sells ice cream infused with marijuana extract.

Makers of "Crme De Canna" say one bite is equivalent to four to five puffs of a really good marijuana cigarette.

It TMs super premium ice cream, so there are more calofires and fat than regular ice cream and it may have some side effects, that could add to the calorie-count as well.

You're definitely going to back for seconds, the munchies are certainly probably going to be part of the experience. it really just depends on the individual and how they receive the plant," says founder Jonathan Kolodinski

A half-pint goes for $15 dollars buy customers have to have a medical marijuana card to buy it.

Flavors include Bananabis Foster, and Straw-Mari Cheesecake. Vegan and low-calorie flavors are in the works.

There's one catch: customers aren't able to eat the treat on the premises.