Circus tiger allegedly stolen amid chaos of Matamoros gun battle

Johnny Lam Circus / Source: Facebook

A Tuesday afternoon gun battle paralyzed Matamoros but that's not what residents are talking about.

Social media networks filled up with people wondering what happened to a circus tiger stolen amid the chaos.

Matamoros residents reported that a tiger belonging to the Johnny Lam Circus was stolen Tuesday afternoon.

It all happened amid a gun battle that brought traffic to a standstill with a series of narcoblockades.

Officials have not released information about injuries or casaulties but did confirm that the shootout took place near the city's WalMart store.

Circus officials could not be reached for comment but Action 4 News spoke to Tamaulipas State Police about the incident.

State police said no official paperwork has been filed to report the white Bengal tiger as stolen.

Sources told Action 4 News that thieves took the feline in a cage attached to a trailer belonging to the circus.

Matamoros residents created the #SeRobaronElTigre hashtag on Twitter to discuss what happened.

The Johnny Lam Circus recently arrived in Matamoros and advertised on television where they featured their white Bengal tigers among their acts.

Circus officials had set up in an area off the periferico loop near the WalMart and the Televisa TV station.

Johnny Lam Circus