Expert: Abused girl and brothers may need a lot of therapy

A 12-year-old Brownsville girl is in foster care while her parents are behind bars on child abuse charges.

Police said Alfredo and Leticia Ines locked their daughter in a closet for almost a year.

The girl's brothers ages 17 to 11 are staying with family but Action 4 News asked experts how witnessing their sister TMs abuse could affect them.

Elizabeth Shull with Monica TMs and Maggie TMs House said both the girl and her brothers may need a good deal of therapy to recover from the ordeal.

Shull said after seeing their sister be abused, her brothers may feel guilty for taking about a year to tell anyone.

She said the boys may have just been too scared to tell authorities.

It TMs probably just fear of retaliation from the parents, said Shull. "When you instill fear in a child|it can have detrimental effects.

She also said it TMs possible that the boys and their sister could be reunited one day.

Shull said more than 80 children go the door of the child advocacy center every month.

All of them are interviewed after either seeing a crime or being abused.