Fox on roof of Harlingen business draws onlookers

A grey fox trapped on the roof of an office building in Harlingen is drawing a number of curious onlookers.

Employees at the Plaza Colonial off South 19th Street and East Tyler Avenue first noticed it around 8:30 a.m. Friday.

Nobody knows how the fox got on the roof or how to get it down.

The fox does not appear to be injured and is not harming anybody.

Concerned employees tried to feed the fox and called Harlingen Animal Control but officers reportedly replied that they "don't do roofs."

The employees also called the Gladys Porter Zoo and the Harlingen Humane Society, who both receive animals but don't have rescue teams.

Employees told Action 4 News that they have not received a reply from a local national wildlife refuge and Texas Parks & Wildlife Department game wardens.

One man said he would try to capture the fox and release in a rural area outside of San Benito.