McAllen woman says man with samurai sword threatened teen

It's not everyday you hear a story involving a samurai sword, and for a McAllen woman, it's a story she won't soon forget.

Samantha Gonzalez said a McAllen man threatened a teen with a sword Tuesday.

She caught the man on camera and said justice needs to be served.

It was tense moments caught on tape.

Samantha Gonzalez captured a man holding what looks like a samuari sword.

And although in this video, the man isn't holding the weapon in a threatening way.

Ruben Mendez said just minutes before, the man was swinging the sword at him and his son in the alley of a McAllen apartment complex.

"He tried to do it like that like that," said Ruben Mendez.

Mendez said the man was looking for his 17-year-old son Joe.

"Because he owes him $20 dollars," said Mendez.

Mendez said he offered to pay for the money owed.

"And I said I'll give you the $20 dollars, but he wanted to hurt my son," said Mendez.

That's when mendez claims the man took a sword out of his truck and got aggressive towards him.

"Moving the knife like that, and I saw my kid, and I went like that. 'Don't hurt my kids. Go sir, please please,'" said Mendez.

Samantha Gonzalez said she saw the action unfold.

"He couldn't walk very fast, but he had a strong swing on him. Like he knew what he was doing with that thing," said Gonzalez.

She said she called 9-1-1 then started capturing video, but by then she said he stopped charging towards the boy.

"Once I got the camera out is when he got scared. I knew once I got my camera maybe it could get him to leave," said Gonzalez.

But Gonzalez said the man stayed and by the time police got there, the man had already put away the sword and was waiting quietly in his truck.

McAllen police tell us they responded to this incident and are investigating whether they can charge the man for aggravated assault.

McAllen Woman Confronts Man With Samurai Sword