Paranormal activity at McAllen City Hall?

It's a place you don't want to be after dark as stories of drawers opening and closing, papers being ruffled and strange figures roaming the halls fill the air.

I heard some papers being shuffled outside the main area of our office. I found it kind of strange because our staff had left for the day---and the lights in our area were already turned off, said Assistant City Attorney Aaron Leal.

Leal said he called out, but didn't get a response.

That's when he got up from his desk to investigate.

I walked to that area and when I got there the sound stopped. I returned back to my desk thinking that was odd. Not even a minute later I heard the same shuffling of paper sound, said Leal.

Leal said he could deal with the shuffling of papers and the occasional voices that could be heard in the empty building, but it was his encounter with an older man that has him questioning how much more he can handle.

I remember he was wearing baggy style slack, button up shirt, and hat, said Leal.

Leal said he walked into the restroom right after the old man, but when he got in there, no one was around.

I hesitated for a second and wondered what happened to the old man|I knew I saw him enter the restroom area, he said.

Leal said he never saw the man again, but after speaking with several colleagues, he realized he wasn't alone.

As you walk through the doors to the human resources department, arguably the most haunted area of the building, the spirit of Halloween is everywhere.

It's also the place where director of the department of human resources Juan Gonzalez said he's had his fair share of experiences with the paranormal.

A number of things kept happening and what I kept hearing most was the footsteps, the talking and drawers opening and shutting. Those were all interesting experiences to say the least, said Gonzalez.

Whether you believe it or not, these people said it happened and they have a new respect for the paranormal.

As a side note, city hall stands where the old McAllen General Hospital used to be.

The hospital was torn down, so they could expand somewhere else, and city hall was built in 1995.