Primate on the loose in Mission

City of Mission

For three weeks Mission Animal Control has tried everything to capture a primate on the loose.

We TMve done everything in the playbook, Noe Elizondo said. But we still haven TMt caught him.

Ernie Zapata, supervisor for Mission animal control, said he saw the monkey once"but was not able to catch him.

It TMs about the size of a German Shepherd, Zapata explained. He is orange and reddish in call and has white legs.

While the primate seemed tame, Zapata said he does have concerns with it being on the loose.

My biggest concern is that someone tries to capture it, Zapata said. Someone could also run into it. These animals can be territorial and aggressive.

He added, if a person does come in contact with the monkey they should not touch it"call Mission Animal Control at 580-8650.