Student jailed after exposing himself to UTB police officer

Valentine Chinchlla // Cameron County Jail Photo

A college student is behind bars after he allegedly exposed himself to a University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB) police officer.

UTB police arrested 20-year-old Valentine Chinchilla on an indecent exposure and marijuana charges early Tuesday afternoon.

Court records show that the officer was using a bathroom stall inside the LHS Building when Chinchilla entered the stall next to him.

Chinchilla was allegedly aroused and exposed himself to the officer through a hole between the two stalls.

The officer got out his stall and arrested Chinchilla for indecent exposure.

Chinchilla told the officer that he had marijuana in his backpack.

The Brownsville man appeared before Cameron County Magistrate Judge Luis Saenz on Wednesday morning where he was issued $5,000 dollars in bonds.

Chinchilla identifies himself as a UTB student on his Facebook page but school officials could not immediately confirm his major or his status.