Surveillance video reveals San Juan grenade scare suspects

This dummy grenade was thrown into a home in San Juan

A grenade scare is over for a San Juan neighborhood but those frightening moments still linger for many residents.

Police say they had very little to go on: just a note left inside a dummy grenade.

But that all changed when the homeowner came forward with video taken from cameras just outside of his home.

The video is a little grainy but clearly shows the events that unfolded off Calle de Amistad late Friday night.

A Nissan Altima or Maxima is seen going in front of the victim TM house at least three times.

Police believe the suspects were scoping the area out and never noticed the camera.

The suspects pulled up to the house and one of them jumped out of the passenger side, ran up to the home, pulled his arm back and hurled something at the home breaking the window.

The homeowner found a grenade a note stuffed inside.

Sgt. Rudy Luna with the San Juan Police Department said the grenade was a dummy.

"It's a novelty, Sgt. Luna said. They're used as paperweights and you can purchase them at any surplus store. They're being used to scare people and their family. That's what they're using them for."

While police wouldn TMt go into the specifics about what the note said, they did say it threatens bodily harm to the homeowner.

San Juan police are also looking into whether or not this case in connected to other recent incidents where grenades or other explosive devices have been used in the Rio Grande Valley. Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to calls San Juan Crime Stoppers at (956) 283-TIPS or (956) 283-8477.