Woman believes mystery object in V8 Fusion left her hospitalized

A Mercedes mom believes the mysterious object she found inside a V8 Fusion juice she took a sip from left her hospitalized.

Every night, Crystal Rodriguez has a V8 Fusion and a protein bar as a late night snack but on Thursday night the drink came with something extra.

"I opened it and when I took a drink out of it I spit it out because it tasted horrible," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said the smell was also unbearable, as if the juice was rotten but the expiration date said June 13, 2014.

Rodriguez immediately poured the drink out, but instead of ending up with an empty can something rattled inside.

She cut the can open and found something that shouldn't be there.

"I described it to her looks like a pork, the skin pork TMs, just nastier," Rodriguez said. "The bottom of it had like black, it looks like it has little eyes and a little mouth."

It was a sleepless night for Crystal since she felt nauseous and had to go to the bathroom constantly.

"I just feel nauseous and my stomach grumbling," Rodriguez said. "I hadn't really been able to eat any breakfast or anything for the same reason that I just want to vomit."

Rodriguez is now worried that whatever she took a sip of, may have poisoned her.

When she went to the hospital Friday night, the doctor told her she had a stomach bacterial infection.

Rodriguez also showed the doctors what she found inside the V8 Fusion and not even they were able to tell what the mystery object is.

Rodriguez has since contacted the V8 Fusion company.

At first, the V8 Fusion company told her they would send her a kit where she had to put the object in and send it back to them.

However, she recently found out that V8 Fusion is sending a representative here to the Valley to pick up the mystery object

Rodriguez tells Action 4 she want the company to tell her what this object is and why it was in the drink in the first place.

She said she doesn't care about being reimbursed.

Her main concern is her five children since it's a juice they too, drink every day.

"Shake it, smell it before you know you consume it especially if you give it to your kids cause i give it to my kids," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said that this is the first time she has ever found an object inside a canned drink.

She says she has been drinking V8 Fusion for years.