Elderly men in their 70 TMs still working while battling sickness

Two men have been putting their medical struggles aside to try and make ends meet.

Orlando Reyes is 74-years-old and fighting cancer.

Crisoforo Molina is 71-years-old and recently suffered a heart attack.

They're part time maintenance employees at Petroleum Solutions, Inc. in Edinburg.

Coworkers say they do a darn good job.

"They're in early in the morning and last ones to leave, Adriana Gonzalez, clerk said. "They never complaining. Rain or shine."

Retirement isn't an option for the pair.

They don't have medical insurance.

So they work.

Adriana says you'll always see them smile.

"They remind me of my grandparents and one day we'll eventually be at their age, God willing, and I would hope to find myself at that age to have loved ones at that age or people who care about me who are willing to help me," she said.

So she spearheaded a fundraiser to help Crisoforo and Orlando with medical bills.

A few others helped her purchase a number of raffle items, gift baskets and goodie bags, with their own money, and have raised nearly $300 in ticket sales at work.

They want to go a step further.

"We thought what better way to give back to our employees that we consider like family by doing this and nominating them," Adriana said.

With both men out sick, she gathered their closest relatives at PSI for a Pay it 4Ward surprise.

Ricardo Filizola with GEF Financial Group shares the news with them.

"I walked in there and they were expecting an HR meeting, an employee benefits meeting... they were not expecting Ryan Wolf or GEF Financial to walk in and of course not the Pay it 4Ward prize," he said while referring to their reaction to the surprise.

Ricardo hands Maria Molina $200 in cash.

Her husband Crisoforo suffered the heart attack.

"I'm very happy," Maria said. "I'm very overwhelmed with receiving the money. I'm very happy I still have my husband. I thought he was going to pass away."

Maritza Reyes receives $200 too on behalf of her father who's receiving chemotherapy.

"I'm very happy with the award and recognition and very happy for my father who works for a company that truly cares about their employees," she said.

Adriana says she wanted them to know their loved ones inspire her with their work ethic.

It's the reason she turned to the Pay it 4Ward program.

"I would hope to find myself at that age to have loved ones around me and people who care about me who are willing to help me and Pay it 4Ward and take care of me," she explained.

Little does she know, her kindness and selfless desire to do good, didn't go unnoticed on Action 4 News.

"GEF Financial Group would like to invite you and a couple of your coworkers to lunch," Ricardo said as a surprise thank you to Adriana.

She immediately started to cry.

"Thank you so much," she said. "You're the true meaning of Paying it 4Ward."

Raffle tickets in support of Crisoforo and Orlando for their medical expenses can still be purchased.

They TMre being sold for $5 at PSI which is located on 3701 South Expressway 281 in Edinburg.

The drawings will be held on May 9th.

You do not have to be present to win.

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