Family Dollar manager returns good deed to mother of austic kids

It breaks Alicia Lopez's heart to see the stares, to hear the whispers, to feel the ugliness of people when she shops at times with her children.

Luis and Keven have autism.

Last week, her 3-year-old had an "emotional meltdown" inside the Family Dollar store off Harrison in Harlingen because his mom says she had no money left over to buy a super hero coloring book that Keven wanted on the way out.

A manager stepped in with a lollipop to try and calm him down.

When it didn't work, Polo Yzaguirre bought the $1 coloring book for Keven with no questions asked.

Polo has no idea that he's been secretly nominated for the Pay it 4Ward prize.

"I'm here because you made a big difference in somebody's life," Action 4's Ryan Wolf told Polo inside the store. "Would you like to meet that person?"

"Yes," Polo said with a shocked look on his face.

With her kids in tow, Alicia walks into the store for the surprise.

"Do they look familiar to you?" Ryan asked Polo as the family walked towards him.

"Oh yes," he responded with a smile.

Alicia shares why they're here.

"Polo, I'd like to thank you for what you did for my son," she told him. "It was very, very kind of you. Instead of making rude comments and getting after my child, you were very compassionate and understanding. You did something that no one has ever done. My son walked out with a huge smile thanks to you. So in honor of my family we would like to Pay it 4Ward."

Karen Gonzalez and Ricardo Filizola award Polo the cash prize as a Pay it 4Ward partner with GEF Financial agency.

"We just want to say that your small gesture made a huge impact on someone's life, and we hope that with your generosity, it will inspire others to do the same," Karen said. "So on behalf of GEF Financial and Action 4 News, please put out your hand."

Karen counts out $400 and hands it over to Polo.

"Thank you!" he said with a huge smile. "I don't know what to say. That's just me. I see little boys and they want something... I'm willing to buy their stuff out of my pocket just to make them happy."

The father of 7 stuns everyone with what he says next to Alicia.

"I would like to give this money to you in my faith to help you out and buy him more toys."

"Really?" Alicia says.

Polo hands her his Pay it 4Ward money--all $400.

"For your babies," he said with a smile.

"I'm speechless," Alicia said while crying. "No one has ever done this for my kids."

GEF Financial representatives couldn't believe the display of generosity.

"You look chocked up," Ryan said to Ricardo.

"Absolutely," Ricardo said. "This is why we're part of the Pay it 4Ward program."

A good deed rewarded.

A good family shown love.

"I will never forget this," Alicia said.

She plans to use a portion of the money donated to her to Pay it 4Ward to another family in need.

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