Grieving mom offered free lawn care for life

Note left for lawn care

Joshua Mariscal reads the handwritten note he placed into the mailbox of a mother whose son recently died.

"Dear Miss Davila," he says. "Jeremy and I have opened up our own landscaping business. Eric was such a dear friend of ours and we want to try and help the healing process along. We will cut your grass free of charge for life. Anytime you think it's ready, just give us a call."

Robyn Davila's son Eric and his passenger Joshua De Zenea died on March 7th in a single vehicle accident in Edinburg.

Her 20-year-old is suspected of driving under the influence.

It's a deadly mistake Robyn says shouldn't define her son.

"To just judge Eric's character only on this event is not obviously what he was," she said.

"He was amazing boy."

And the kindness shown to her by The Lawn Enforcers with an offer of free lawn care for life is helping to lift Robyn's spirits. She wants to Pay it 4Ward.

"I just want to thank you guys because I know Eric, who's working through you all, would be so proud too," she told them at Longoria Middle School in Edinburg where she works. "He loves you all.

It's been amazing the outpouring you all did with being the hug that I need. The smile that I need. And just the prayers that I need. And I'm wanting to Pay it 4Ward."

Representatives with GEF Financial Agency are standing by to award the Pay it 4Ward prize.

Karen Gonzalez is joined by Natalie Suarez and Romie Palomo.

"We're so sorry for your loss," Karen said. "But what you've done to ease her pain and keep his memory alive is so admirable. So on behalf of GEF Financial and Action 4 News, please put out your hand to accept the $400 prize."

The Lawn Enforcers thought they were at the school for an appreciation lunch for their kind gesture.

"I was not expecting this," they said. "We didn't know. We had no idea what we were coming here for. I just thought lunch. Do I have food in my teeth?"

Jeremy Salinas and his business partner Joshua have been friends with Eric since the 6th grade.

They say just knowing their friend is looking down and smiling at them is the real reward.

"I just feel like he was working through us and we just wanted to help Miss Davila out," Jeremy said. "And with that we're getting something out of it as well. It's just great."

"We just feel like we needed to do something," Joshua said. "We're not rich guys. This is something we felt like we could do. Pay it forward. Just to stay in contact with Miss Davila. We wanted an excuse just to see her all the time."

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