Mission plumber comes to the rescue of elderly woman in need

Orelia Diaz nominated Robert Toney for the Pay it 4Ward prize

Orelia Diaz, who TMs 90-years-old, remembers exactly how she felt when her water heater stopped working.

"Muy triste," she said.

But her sadness only compounded when a gas line also broke and then a water pipe too.

Orelia's on a fixed income and lives with only the bare essentials.

Her cousin Shirley Garcia contacted a local plumber to try and save money on the repairs.

"I picked him out of the phone book instead of calling a big company," she said.

That's when Robert Toney of R.V. Toney's Plumbing out of Mission showed up at Orelia's door.

He first installed a new water heater at no charge after the old one could not be fixed.

Mr. Toney also repaired the gas and water line leaks after future calls for free.

Shirley wants to Pay it 4Ward.

"Hello Mr. Toney," she said when he walked into the kitchen of Orelia's home. "You don't know why we called but come on in!"

The plumber is left in shock.

"You've got to be kidding me!" he said after noticing Action 4 News in the room.

It's all part of the $400 surprise for his selfless acts of kindness.

"Not very many people are so kind, and for a person a fixed income, it means so much to us that you were her for her," she told him. "On behalf of FNB Insurance and Action 4 News, I'm here to Pay it 4Ward."

Shirley took out the $400 and placed the money into Robert's hands.

"$100, $200, $300, $400," she counted out loud.

"You're very kind," Robert said in response.

Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked him, "What are you feeling right now?"

"I felt at the time like God directed me to help her and that's what we told her to begin with," he responded.

Robert says his faith leads the way.

His family run business tries to make a buck but not at the expense of those in great need.

"It's a good way to live," he said. "You sleep good at night to care about somebody other than yourself."

FNB Insurance Agency provides the cash for kindness as a Pay it 4Ward partner.

Karen Gonzalez is a spokesperson for the company.

"The Pay it 4Ward program is all about providing good citizenship and you are the perfect example of that," Karen told Robert. "That's why we're so happy that the community will be able to hear your story and hopefully are inspired by it."

Orelia can't thank the owner of R.V. Toney's plumbing enough.

"Muchisma gracias todo," she told him in Spanish.

He's a businessman who proves you can make a living on your name.

"Pay it 4Ward!" he said.

Robert told Action 4 News that he plans to use a portion of his Pay it 4Ward prize to bless other people in need.

His business is listed online for repair work Valleywide under the phone number (956) 630-0999.

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