Palmview woman returns lost bank bag to elderly couple

Pay it 4Ward recipient Sylvia Aranda

This story of heartache turned happiness ironically ends right where it all begins.

"Everyday my husband would go and pray to the Virgin Mary hoping his belongings would be returned," Maria Alaniz said while speaking Spanish.

Her husband, Jose Ramos, had a bank bag stolen from his truck last month.

Money, checks from his work and personal ID cards were gone along with it.

That is until a woman spotted the bag along the side of the road in Palmview.

It did not contain the cash, according to Sylvia Aranda who tracked down Jose using the personal ID cards and checks still inside.

News of her kindness led to a Pay it 4Ward surprise at A+ Therapy in Mission where she works.

Action 4's Ryan Wolf told Sylvia that someone wanted to share something special with her.

"We're here because you made an impact on a co-worker here," he said.

Adela Vargas, who nominated Sylvia after learning about her story, stepped forward to face Sylvia.

"I would like to thank you for what you did for that man that lost his checks not too long ago," Adela said. "You really inspired me. If I had lost my purse I would want that angel you are right now. On behalf of FNB Insurance and Action 4 News, I would like to Pay it 4Ward."

Adela counted out $400 and placed it into Sylvia's hands.

The teary-eyed recipient shared why she never thought twice about returning the bag.

"I had lost my license and I remember losing money too," she explained. "It feels very bad."

Sylvia will never forget the warm words shared with her when she tracked down the elderly couple.

"His wife and him were hugging me and saying you're so kind and thanking me for my kindness saying how you're an angel sent from above that brought us back his wallet," she said.

Karma for her kindness came in the form of cash on behalf of the Pay it 4Ward program partner--FNB Insurance Agency.

Karen Gonzalez is their company spokesperson.

"FNB Insurance loves to tell the stories of personal heroes," Karen said. "And this story proves honesty really is the best policy and that's why we're so proud to be a part of the Pay it 4Ward program."

Maria believes their prayers have been answered.

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