Woman who comforted dying teen reunited with his family

You can't help but feel their love. Two strangers forever connected by tragedy. It's a moment Estefany Esparza never thought she'd have again. "You found here and I was in tears that you found her," she told Action 4's Ryan Wolf. It started with a post on Ryan's Facebook page. Estefany turned to him to find the woman she only knew as Irene. The two met last year by chance at the site where Damien Ochoa lost his life in April 2012. The 14-year-old was riding his bicycle against traffic on International Boulevard when an 18-wheeler hit him, according to Brownsville police. Estefany released balloons on the 1-year anniversary of his death when Irene happened to drive by. She's the woman who held Damien in her arms when he died. Estefany and Irene didn't get to talk for long that day until Ryan helped to track her down. "I told her that I appreciate what she did," Estefany said. "He didn't die just laying down on the street. That she comforted him, prayed for him. I appreciate that. I want everyone to know how much she means to my family." Irene's last name is Ordonez. She says there hasn't been a day that's gone by that she doesn't think about the former 9th grader from Lopez High. Estefany was his legal guardian. "I didn't care if the cops were going to get after me or mad or something," Irene said. "I just parked the car. My first reaction was I wanted to save him and be there with him. I started praying a lot." Irene still remembers what she told Damien in his final moments. "I assured him that God was with him," she said. "I held him. I put the towel around him. I'm a Christian. I was there praying for him. It brings so much comfort." Estefany shares why she needed to meet Irene once more. "I called him [Ryan] to Pay it 4Ward for what you did for Damien," she told her. Ricardo Filizola with GEF Financial Agency is standing by to reward Irene's kindness. "When someone becomes a memory that memory becomes a treasure," Ricardo said to Irene. "She has become part of that treasure for this family." But before he could hand her the $400 Pay it 4Ward prize, Irene breaks down in tears at the sight of the money she TMs about to be awarded. She puts her head on Estefany's shoulder and cried. It's all too overwhelming. Irene says she never saw it coming. "I was expecting blessings from God but not the money right now," Irene said. Estefany says Irene has become more than just a woman with a first name, she's a guardian angel from above.

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