Young Edinburg woman loses battle with colon cancer at age 27

Amanda Gonzales leaves behind music, memories and a message of hope posted online.

Today I left this world for the next," Irma Gonzales read.

Irma is Amanda's mother.

"I promise to watch over all of you," she read next from her daughter TMs goodbye message.

Irma helped to post her daughter's final words on Facebook after she passed away from colon cancer on August 2nd.

Never lose faith in each other," Irma read.

Amanda died at age 27.

The Edinburg North graduate's battle with cancer never seemed to dampen her spirits as evident in an interview on Action 4 News last April.

"You just keep going every day and hope that things will get better," she said.

Her mother was by her side until the day she died.

Irma's friend Gracie Garza nominated her for the Pay it 4Ward prize for the way she TMs inspired her.

I called Ryan Wolf here because I wanted everyone in the Valley to know how much I care for you and how much you mean to me, she told Irma at her home. You show us your strength when inside we know you are hurting. Showing us how strong you are on the outside really has helped me to endure some of the things I've gone through. You remain strong and I want to Pay it 4Ward to you."

Ricardo Filizola with GEF Financial Agency is standing by to award the Pay it 4Ward prize.

I know what it feel to lose someone like that, he said. I know there's nothing that I can do that will bring your daughter back, but I can assure you that her legacy lives on. So in my hand I have a check for $400 made payable to the American Cancer Society in memory of Amanda Gonzales."

Just knowing how this money will be used to help others who are sick makes Irma feel good inside.

My daughter was everything to me, she told Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf. To me this means a lot to her and to me. I wish there was a cure for cancer. She was always a very giving person. She loved her friends. Her family. She always showed it."

Irma hopes other families dealing with cancer stay strong.

She says Amanda was never alone and will never be alone even in death.

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