16 candidates apply for Harlingen police chief job

Harlingen Police Chief Danny Castillo is retiring from his post later this month and already 16 candidates are vying for his job.

Action 4 News obtained a list of the contenders.

The list includes former Texas Ranger and two former police chiefs from the Rio Grande Valley.

Danny Castillo was at the helm for almost a decade.

Castillo claims he was forced to resign for political reasons which the city vehemently denies.

Both sides agree that the safety of the City of Harlingen comes first.

The applicants are coming in from across the Valley, Texas and even some from outside the Lone Star State.

Former Alton Police Chief Baldemar Flores wants the job.

He currently lives in Mission and has a bachelors in criminal justice.

Flores recently made headlines after a jury cleared him on a public lewdness charge that he claimed was politically motivated.

Palm Valley TMs top cop Alvaro Garcia used to work for the Harlingen Police Department and now wants to come back as chief.

David Martinez with Port Isabel Police Department also applied for the job.

The former Willacy County Sheriff TMs Department deputy was recently awarded $140,000 dollars after winning a lawsuit against former District Attorney Juan Angel Guerra.

Other candidates include Ernesto Velasco as well as Valley Baptist Security Director Don Duncan and Brownsville police veteran Ramiro Rodriguez.

Houston resident Antonio Ford as well as Lawrence Watson, Carlos Cantu and former Teas Ranger Rolando Castaeda of Laguna Vista also applied.

Arizona residents Don Daniel and Ricardo Flores are also applying.

Many of those who did apply have a bachelors or masters in criminology.

The application process remains open for now.