Action 4 Exclusive - Santa Rosa Alderman Scandal Continues

Action 4 News has exclusive new details on harassment allegations against members of the Santa Rosa Police Department.

Our ongoing investigation centers around aldermen in the city.

Action 4 News obtained audio tapes of Santa Rosa Aldermen talking to City Police Chief Xavier Martinez.

The audio was taken during an open meeting last month.

On tape an alderman tells the police chief, "We don't have to answer to you, we don't have to answer to you, all we need to say is that we don't have confidence in the police chief and that's all we have to say."

The tape goes onto say, "Chief you requested to put this in open session so you were put on the agenda for evaluation."

But the evaluation seemed to turn into more of an argument between the chief and aldermen.

On the tape an alderman address the Chief by saying, "There's a lot of complaints from the people they call me they come to my house." The Chief says on tape, "I'd like to hear what the complaints are because every time we talk sir, I ask you how the department is working every time I ask you that question your happy with the way the department is running."

Tension has been running high; you may remember the exclusive video we first showed you alleging city aldermen abusing their power by interfering with police officers duties.

As for the police chief, he tells the Aldermen he just wants the opportunity to "fix" what may be wrong.

An alderman responds on tape, "Nobody's come up to you because they don't trust you sir."

The chief responds by saying, "Sir I treat everybody with dignity and respect when they come into my office."

We know the city is paying attention, a meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday one of the items for discussion "disciplinary rules of professional conduct".