Admitted murderer's attorney takes stand during day two of Villalobos trial

Former DA Armando Villalobos

Former District Judge Abel Limas spent nearly two days testifying in the federal trial of former Cameron County District Attorney (DA) Armando Villalobos.

A second witness took the stand during the trail.

The second witness was Attorney Greg Gladden who was the defense attorney for Amit Livingston.

Amit Livingston plead guilty to murder, and federal prosecutors say he is still on the run due to a deal approved by Villalobos.

Gladden took the stand shortly after 3 p.m. today.

He told jurors that when he first reviewed Livingston's case he thought his client would be convicted for the murder of Hermila Hernandez whose body was discovered on South Padre Island.

Gladden said the DA's office had a file quote busting at the seams with evidence, and that is how he was able to convince Livingston that a plea deal would be his best option.

Gladden testified that when his client was allowed 60 days to get his affairs in order before reporting to jail, Villalobos nor Limas objected.

He also told jurors that the night prior, they struck a settlement for a civil suit on the same case for half a million dollars to go towards the victim TMs family.

Villalobos TM law partner was representing the victims family and prosecutors argue Villalobos got $80,000 from that settlement.

Gladden will be on the stand once again tomorrow and the defense will have their turn to question him.

Armando Villalobos is the 11th person named in the scandal.

Others indicted include Manuel Longoria, Francisco Cisneros, Armando Pena, Karina Pena, DA investigator Jaime Munivez, attorneys Joe Valle, Ray Marchan, Marc Rosenthal, former State Representative Jim Solis, Eduardo Lucio and Abel Limas.