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      AG Greg Abbott asks Obama to take executive action amid border crisis

      Attorney General Greg Abbott wants President Barack Obama to take executive action right away in regards to the influx of immigrants along the Texas border.

      Abbott, who is also the Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate, is calling out the president for the lack of help the federal government has provided through this immigration crisis.

      "Texans should not have to come out of pocket to pay for that," Abbott said. "So I am in the process of gathering information to find out how much Texas has paid for this and then I am going to be sending a bill to the federal government to get them to pay for it."

      This week, Abbott announced he might sue the federal government because the crisis has cost Texas taxpayers $50 million.

      McAllen city officials say that by December the city will have spent over half a million dollars.

      Obama has asked congress for $3.7 billion dollars to help with this immigration crisis.

      However, House Appropriations Committee Chairman, Republican Representative Hal Rogers said "that is too much money."

      Abbott said the president doesn't need to go through legislation to get this money to Texas.

      "The president made clear he has a pen that he can use to sign," Abbott said. "Tomorrow he could sign a bill that will send to Texas the resources we need to take care of this immigration problem."

      Abbott added the Texas congressional legislation doesn't believe Obama's proposed bill will fix the problem, but he said in some ways it makes it worst.

      "Because it doesn't stop one of the humanitarian crises we are dealing with and that is enticing children to travel more than a thousand treacherous miles, being subjected to human trafficking, to rape, to torture," Abbott said. "We can no longer tolerate this treachery amongst young children in this world."

      If congress fails to respond to the crisis, Abbott asks the president take executive action.

      The same action that may soon land Obama with a lawsuit filed by the GOP who claims the president has over used "executive action" with his signature health care reform law.

      "I am directly asking the Obama administration to take executive action to send to Texas the resources we need to address this humanitarian crisis," Abbott said.

      Abbott says the federal government needs to promote a system that provides for legal immigration into the country as they address the humanitarian crisis.