Ahumada, border mayors to discuss trade and visas

Brownsville Mayor Pat Ahumada told Action 4 News that he will be heading to Arizona with mayors from both side of the border to raise new concerns about trade and visas.

"The purpose is to form an association of mayors on both sides of the river so we can build better lines of communication," Mayor Ahumada said.

The main topics the he wants to focus in on are issues over trade and visa rights.

He said many good citizens are having their rights taken away.

Ahumada said many citizens were born by a mid-wife and are now being denied their visa.

He said he other mayors from Mexico and Arizona will be heading to a conference to tackle these issues.

The "Sister City" program is just for border mayors only.

Mayor Ahumada said this issue has divided communities and eventually will hurt America with our trade and commerce.

The conference is scheduled for January 20th and 21st.

Ahumada said he invited the mayors from Matamoros, Rio Bravo and Reynosa to attend.

So far, two of them have confirmed.