Amendment could keep medical school out of Cameron County

Mayor Chris Boswell of Harlingen

The location of the Rio Grande Valley TMs prospective medical school is now the center of debate.

The conversation now is about the medical school's location.

Cameron County officials have collected 42 pages with 800 signatures in just one day.

The signatures are an effort to keep politics out of dictating the location of the medical school.

"UT has had experience developing medical schools. They've developed 6 of them throughout Texas," Harlingen Mayor Chris Boswell said. Mayor Boswell will head to Austin to present the signatures collected on Wednesday.

Business leaders tell Action 4 News, Senator Juan 'Chuy' Hinojosa may be prepping to amend the bill in efforts to dictate the location of the medical school.

According to the leaders, the move would ensure the new medical school be placed somewhere other than Cameron County.

"Obviously everyone would like to see it in their backyard, the plan for UT is for it to be a reality. The medical school will be a regional school it won TMt be just in one place," Boswell said.

Mayor Boswell said we do not need the legislature dictating exactly how the medical schools should be laid out.

He said the decision should be left to the doctors, professors and experts who know how to make the decisions.

Boswell said livelihoods would change when the University of Texas medical school makes its way to the RGV.

"It helps us bring doctors to the community to train doctors in our community we are under served we don TMt have the same ratio of doctors to patients," Boswell said.

Boswell said the medical school will provide better healthcare access in the area.