Audience Reaction to Action 4's Town Hall Meeting

Three Valley Congressmen were in the Action 4 Studio Thursday night to answer questions regarding Health Care Reform. The Congressmen answered live questions from some of the 25 guests in the live studio audience, as well as, questions phoned-in or submitted online through

Some of the audience members were very satisfied with the outcome of the town hall meeting.

One attendee came prepared with 3,000 signed petitions supporting the current Health Care Reform Bill.

She said she's impressed the congressmen were also prepared. This is a grand opportunity for our voices to be heard because after all, the congressmen represent us. So it's important we tell them how we feel and what we support and not support, Dr. Beverly Ashley-Fridie said.

Jerry Guinn supports the bill and wants lawmakers to pass the Health Care Reform Bill President Obama finalizes.

He said, The three congressmen seemed like they're level headed enough that they're going to make sure that all people are protected. Uniformly, that's what we what. Others were less satisfied with the outcome of the forum. One concerned citizen said she does not want her rights taken away and felt like the Congressmen dodged her questions.

Fern McClaugherty told Action 4 News, We didn't attack. We do try to get our answers to our questions. But, of course, we didn't get them and I'm hoping that the people out there will call them, write them and let them know that this is not what we want. One man believed there is no way to sway the Congressmen TMs opinions.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of Congressmen that have already made up their mind, and they weren't listening to us, Harlan Garrett said. Regardless of their views, all the members of the live studio audience appreciated the opportunity to express their opinions.